2021 – 2022

Theme : Celebrate Learning

Higher Secondary Second Year Examinations Toppers:

Science Stream : Mas. Keerthivasan M – 592/600 with centum in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Commerce Stream : Mas. Abinaya M – 591 / 600 with centum is Commerce and Accountancy

We had a total of 13 students securing centum. 3 of our students secured centum in Mathematics, 2 each in Physics, Chemistry and Accountancy and 1 each in Computer Science, Business Mathematics and Biology.

Higher Secondary First Year Examinations Toppers:

Science Stream : Mas Linkeshwar V S – 593/600 with centum in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Commerce Stream : Ms. Sai Vaishnavi K – 586 / 600 with centum in Accountancy and Business Maths.

SSLC Examination Toppers:

Ms. Divya Dharshini M - 487/500 with centum in Science


Mas. Idikash I an Individual Champion was selected by the Madras Boat Club which participated in the International Rowing Competition in Sri Lanka.

Ms. Joshiha T who represented our girls throw ball team was selected to represent our state team.

2020 – 2021

The pandemic reshaped the entire world. Schools were shut down and online classes became the new normal. The pandemic has been a great teacher. It opened up a whole new world of experiments, reimaginations, inspirations, creations and innovations. The management and the teachers ensured that the learning, evolving and being delivered in the best way possible. Despite difficulties, the teachers and students always kept optimism, integrating technology seamlessly into the curriculum and online teaching and learning became a new thing.

New Initiatives:

The NEXT Platform:

E-learning began with the use of Teach Next platform where interaction between the teacher and the students was easy and the rest of the regular classroom agenda like the class work notes, video presentations and post of home work for the teacher’s perusal were simple and effective.

Google Work Space:

As lockdown lengthened, the school launched into a very personalised, easy to use tech friendly Google Work Space and Zoom communication platforms on a daily basis for education and edification.

Project-Based learning (PBL):

This works on the principle of learning by doing. Students made video presentations, delivered speeches and presented their ideas through PPT’s, charts and models.

Physical Fitness:

Emphasis was laid on the holistic well-being of students. Regular fitness classes and PET classes were conducted to augment the same.

Virtual Tours:

Teachers used the modern technology to conduct virtual tours alongside E-learning to explore locations of historical importance and other skills essential to the curriculum. These trips made the learning process easy and productive.


“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand” is the maxim of schools’ pedagogy system. Students enthusiastically conducted experiments at home. Concepts like force and friction, floating and sinking, heavy and light, balanced food etc. were clearly explained by students through experiments.

Virtual Celebrations:

All national festivals and important days of the school like Independence Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day and Founder’s Day were all celebrated online that brought to light the tech-talents of the students and the teachers.

Christmas Celebration:

We at St. John’s proudly embraced, adapted and evolved in the process of putting together a virtual treat by making use of augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. In spite of the physical distancing there was an excellent network between the students, parents, teachers and the Application Architects. Students from LKG to Class IX were part of the Christmas Extravaganza which included Carol Singing, Choreography, Fancy Dress and a Magnificent Nativity.


An online magazine to show case students activities, articles and art work was made possible with the help and guidance of the Computer Science department.

2019 – 2020


Higher Secondary Second Year Examinations Toppers:

Mas. P S Abishek scored 559/600 from the Science stream.

Mas. Abdu Quadir of the Commerce stream scored 568/600.

Ms. Vanathi B of the Commerce stream also scored 568/600.

Matriculation Examination Toppers:

In SSLC Examination Mas. Pranav S stood first by scoring 482/500


At the zonal level and district level many of our students won laurels for themselves and made the school proud.

Ms. Jencia Amaly of Class IX won the 100 mts, 200 mts and Long Jump.

Ms. Lemula Mary of Class XI won the 100 mts and 400 mts in her category.

Ms. Jona Jebamalar D of Class X won the Gold in 400 and 800 mts.

Mas. Saran of Class Xi won Gold each in 3000 mts, 1500 mts and 800 mts and took the Individual Championship in the District Meet.

2018 – 2019

Theme : Learning in Style


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Ms. Diya Rajiv Christopher from the Science stream scored 561/600.

Ms. K Nivedtha 581/600 of the Commerce stream with centum in Commerce emerged as the school topper.

Matriculation Examination Toppers:

In SSLC Examination Mas. Pranav S stood first by scoring 482/500

Mas. Keerthivasan M and Subhash M of Class 10 won the 2nd prize for the project on display in the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology.

9th June 2018 marked the Golden Jubilee year of St. John’s Educational Trust. St. John’s Group of Schools conglomerated to mark this special occasion at Kalaivanar Arangam. This was presided by the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu Thiru Banwarilal Purohit. Our Senior Principal Mrs. Sylvia Reginald was honoured with the lifetime achievement award for her dedicated service to the school.


Ms. Jona Jebamalar D of Class IX won the gold in 600 mts and 400 mts at the Zonal, District and Divisional level meets. Ms. Shirley Peter of class IX was a short distance sprinter and excelled in Triple Jump too in all, District and Divisional level meets. Ms. Lemula Mary of Class X bagged medals in 400 mts and 100 mts in the Zonal level. She also won a bronze medal in Chess.


Students excelled in all the inter-school competitions they participated. In the Sri Ram Kalai Vizha organised by St. Michaels Academy, Cynthia Joy of class III, Jaiwanth of class V and Naveena B S of Class II won laurels for themselves and the school.

In the Buds and Blossoms inter school event hosted by Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School, our school Primary students won the overall trophy garnering 60 points. In Kaleidoscope, another cultural event conducted by M.C.C Matriculation Higher Secondary School our K.G Students won the 1st place in ‘Rhyme in Action’.

2017 – 2018:



The proud school toppers of the Higher Secondary Exam were Mas. Steven Fredric Gilbert of the science stream, with a total of 1173 / 1200 and centums is Mathematics and Computer Science. In the Commerce Stream Ms. C Alamelu was the topper with a total 1173/1200 and centum in Accountancy.

We had 4 students scoring centum in Accountancy and 1 in Economics

In SSLC Examination Mr. P S Abishek was the school topper with 482/500.

1 of our student secured centum in Social Science

Inter School Competition in the city:

Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Dept celebrated a Science Festival at Anna University by organizing a Science Exhibition on “Ocean for Society” Mas. Trishul & Mas. Keerthivasan emerged as winners.

The Primary students won the overall cup at the “Buds & Bloosoms” competition. Sherin A, Priyanka M & Ugesh C & Hashir were National Level Sports icons.

2016 – 2017:

The Bi-decennial year commenced with a reaffirmation to strive for excellence in scholastic and co scholastic activities and to instill in the minds of students to think with a passion for innovation.

Theme : Joyful Learning

Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream: Khimya Khemlani Keswani scored 1169/1200.

Commerce Stream: Divyasri R scored 1185 /1200 with centum in Economics, Commerce and Business Mathematics was the school topper

We had 5 students scoring centum in commerce , 4 in Accountancy, 3 in Computer Science, 2 each in Business Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and 1 in Biology.

Matriculation Examination Topper

Ms. Diya Rajiv Christopher scored 493/500 was the school topper.

13 students secured centum in Social Science, 5 in Science and 3 in Mathematics.

Rhapsody, an inter-school cultural retravaganza was hosted to celebrate our bi-decimal year and to give a platform to bring together the singers and the dancers of the city.

A grand Carnival ear marked the Children’s Day celebration.

2015 – 2016:


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream: Ms. Geethajali scored 1153/1200 was the topper in the science stream.

Commerce Stream: Mas. K P Jimshith scored 1159 /1200 with centum in Commerce and Business Mathematics was the school topper.

3 students secured centum in Accountancy, 2 in Business Mathematics and 1 in Commerce.

Matriculation Examination Topper:

Mas. Steven Fredrick Gilbert scored 492/500 was the topper.

5 students secured centum in Social Science, 2 each Mathematics and Science

Our students excelled in scholastic and co-scholastic activities. To cite a few, our students Lemula Mary J of Class VII and Ugesh C of Class VIII became promising National Champions in Roller Skating and Boxing. In Badminton and Athletics our students are bracing participated in National Championship events. Fathima Farhana I and Hrithik Roshan P of Class XI proved their brilliance in Inter-School Quiz contest.

2014 – 2015:


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream:Mas. David Ben Gurion D scored 1173/1200 with centum in Mathematics and was the School Topper.

Commerce Stream:Mas. Vishveshwaran V scored 1168 /1200 with centum in Accountancy and Business Mathematics.

We also had 6 students securing centums in Accountancy, 4 in commerce and 1 each in Mathematics and Business Mathematics.

Matriculation Examination Topper:

Mas. Nikil Kumar C G was the topper scoring 496/500 with centums in Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

An eventful year - and the year in which some of our students emerged victorious in city level contests. Our students secured the first position in inter-school competitions in both Junior and Senior category.

2013 – 2014:


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream: Ms. G Deepa scored 1167/1200 and was the School Topper.

Commerce Stream: Ms. S Mariya scored 1178 /1200 and was the School Topper.

We had 2 students scoring centums in Mathematics and Chemistry and 1 each in Physics, Commerce and Accountancy.

Matriculation Examination Topper:

Ms. S Geethanjali was the topper scoring 495/500 with centums in Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

28 of our students secured centums in Science, 7 in Social Studies, 5 in Mathematics and 1 in Language.


Our students Ms. A. Sherin and Mas. A Sharon excelled in athletics in the District level competitions wining events like 100 mts, 600 mts, Long Jump and Discus throw.

Our Football team was the Zonal Winners and took the 3rd place in the District.

In Badminton Mas. Dannis Jonathan and Mas. Shaik Emaad also secured the 3rd place.

Ms. Amrutha Pushpak was ranked No.1 in Junior Women’s State level Table Tennis and in the National Level she was ranked No.9.

2012 – 2013


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream:Mas. P.R. Prashanth scored 1171/1200 with a centum in Mathematics and Biology and was the School Topper.

Commerce Stream: Ms. C Priyanka scored 1126 /1200.

We also had students securing centums in Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics and Accountancy.

Matriculation Examination Topper:

Ms. Patricia Gilbert was the topper scoring 490/500 with centums in Mathematics and Science.

We had 14 centums in Mathematics and 15 in Science and 3 centums in Social Science.

2011 – 2012:


Higher Secondary Examination Toppers:

Science Stream:Ms. Vaishnavi Gunasekaran scored a total of 1158 / 1200

Commerce Stream:Ms. Tasneem Shabbin Lehri secured a total of 1175 / 1200.

We had 5 centums in Accountancy and 2 in Business Mathematics.

Matriculation Examination Topper:

Gayathri Priyadharshini. R secured a total of 488/500, with a centum in Science and Social Science.

We had 14 Students scoring centums in Science and 4 Students in Social Science.

We cite a few achievers who have made us proud of them. Mas. G. Jaswant was a national Chess Champion and Mas. Varun Nankani is an amateur dancer in and out of the country. Ms. Lemuela Mary J of Class III is a state level champion in roller skating. Mas. Linkeshwar VS of Class I was a budding artist who has won many prizes.

2010 – 2011:

We have a few more feathers added to our cap. Ms. Nikita Veerabahu was selected for the National Level in skating. The other, in Tamil Nadu State Ranking Tournament in Table Tennis Mas. Sai Kushal and Mas. Shreyas Chandar emerged as winners. Apart from academics our children have excelled in extra-curricular activities like acting and singing.

2009 – 2010:

We pursue excellence in academics, we continue to gain higher grounds in ‘Table Tennis’. Ms. S. Amrutha Pushpak of Class VIII who won 2 gold medals in Nationals is a brilliant player. She has been awarded scholarship by the management to pursue her secondary and higher secondary course in our school.

2008 – 2009:

Mas. Hamsa B Udaipurwala clinched the 3rd State Rank by securing a total of 1184/1200 and a Centum in Mathematics and Chemistry in Higher Secondary Examination, March 2008.

2007 – 2008:

Mas. R. Venkataramanan of class XI, the Junior Table Tennis player represented India in the Poland Open and the New Zealand Open tournament. He secured more than 40 prizes at various tournaments conducted at District, State and National levels.

Mas. Shreyas Chander of class VIII represented Tamil Nadu State in Sub Junior National T.T. Tournament.

2006 – 2007:

Table Tennis, the game of the inmates rules the roost. M.H. Kalvath participated in the 52nd National Table Tennis Tournament conducted by the National School Games Federation at Chattisgarh and was a runner-up in Under -19 Category. He represented India in the international tournament held in Japan. The Central Chennai B-Zone Boys Athletic Meet was organised and 28 city schools participated actively.

As part of the Decennial Year Celebration, we organised a ‘Student Leadership Programme’ in which 66 city schools actively participated in the essay contest and the question-hour contest on various leadership topics. Vibrant speakers stimulated leadership qualities in the participants.

2005 – 2006:

Our Table Tennis player, Mas. N. Siva Balan and Lawn Tennis player, A Grace Hannah represented India in the Inter-Religious Peace Sports Festival in Korea making sports global and the world, a friendly neighbour.

2004 – 2005:

The Hat trick by Mas. R. M. Krishnappan who scored a centum each in Maths, Physics and Chemistry in the Higher Secondary Examination has been a crowning glory to the institution.

Ms. Abijana Karunakaran, a distinguished pupil worked her way up by scoring a total of 1174 / 1200 and a centum in Chemistry and Biology in the Higher Secondary Examination.

2003 – 2004:

Master S. Sambasivam, the VIII Grade Pianist from the Trinity & Royal College of Music, London was honoured as Child Musician by the Lion’s Club.

The Chennai Central E - Zone Girls Athletic Meet was organized by our school and 71 city schools participated in the Meet. It’s an honour to be commended by the State Board.

2002 – 2003:

In the Matriculation Board Examination, Abijana Karunakaran scored 300/300 in Science and also stood Third in French in the State.

Genesis 2002 - An English Literary Exhibition show-cased the literary world through still and working models. The impressive and intriguing display lucidly unfolded the history of English, poems, grammar, fables, tales, fiction and dramas.

The Management was magnanimous to recognize the talent and grant S. Rajkumar a scholarship for being a National winner in the Junior category at the National Table Tennis Tournament.

At the ‘Lights On’ city level skit competition sponsored by the British Council and organised by SJIRS, our children bagged the First Prize for the original skit enacted flawlessly with natural stage set up and fine stage management.

2000 – 2001:

The ‘Maths Fair’ a unique joint venture by St. John’s Group of Schools reached its zenith in the field of edutainment by displaying 1,300 Mathematical Projects and 3-D models, drawing students and people that left them amazed at the wealth of knowledge exhibited.

1999 – 2000:

Aishwarya Venkatesh donned with the gift of the gab distinguished herself to the second place in the prestigious city level competition - ‘Talk your way to London’ conducted by the Book Fair.

1998 – 1999:

At the outset, Bharadwaj Jayaraman of the maiden batch left an indelible mark in the Higher Secondary Examination by securing the State Second rank in Hindi.

1997 – 1998:

Manish Kiran and Andrew Jonathan Reginald with scientific temper and quizzing minds clinched the first place in the State level `Science Quiz’ conducted on National Science Day.