Extra-curricular Activities :

1. Magazines and Souvenir :
Under the guidance of the class teacher, the class brings out the Class Magazine inviting the participation of every student of the class. English, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science will bring out the periodical department manuals. Students are expected to participate voluntarily by contributing essays, riddles, poems, puzzles, creative writings, etc. Our school souvenir is released once in an academic year.

2. Project Days:
Annual Project Days are conducted by the Primary, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies departments.

3. Educational Tours :
Students are taken to various places of historical, scientific, natural and academic importance.

4. Sports and Games :
As the school is affiliated to the Chennai Central Athletic Association for boys & girls, our students are trained to participate at the Zonal, District, State and National Level Athletic Meet. To inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship among students, the school conducts intramural games and sports among the members of the four houses. A full fledged Annual Athletic Meet is conducted among the members of all the four Houses in all the standard events.

4. School Band :
The school trains the students to formulate a school band. Instructions are given on a brass band.

5. Environmental Club :
The Environmental Club functions under the leadership of the Science teachers. The middle school students participate actively in the Eco club.

6.Road Safety Patrol :
Our school has a Road Safety Patrol (RSP) to direct the traffic outside the campus at the peak morning hours. The cadets undergo training, attend camps and participate in various competitions.

Work Experience:

The purpose of work experience is to incorporate a work element in the atmosphere of the school and bring children closer to the community thereby making them conscious of their social commitment. Work experience envisages a wide variety of purposeful activities resulting in services that are useful to the community.

Physical Education:

Physical Education is a compulsory activity of the school and much emphasis is laid down on achieving the national objectives in sports and games. This is designed to provide not only recreation but also to ensure physical development and fostering the qualities of leadership, team spirit and espirit-de-corps.
We follow the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) for holistic and creative development in students. Technology has redefined our lives and we give them wings to their imagination to fly in the right direction.

Activities on Academics:

This is a new venture and a long term project taken up by our Science Department in which the students of classes VI to IX face three levels of challenges annually for maximum four successive years. They write Science Talent Test based on other board syllabus & Science current affairs, perform experiments, projects, making album. The toppers are trained.
In languages (English & Tamil) events like Spell Bee, Know Your Language are conducted to make them strong in the basic Skills-Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Reasoning.
Mathematics plays a major role in everyone’s day to day life. To remove the Maths phobia, passive, brain riddling activities are organized to drill multiplication tables, Mathematics formulae and identities. The Social Science department enhances map marking skills, general knowledge quiz, newspaper reading habit and a civic sense among our students.

Co-Curricular Activities:

The following activities are designed to stimulate the interest of the students in hobbies and provide opportunities for self-expression, thereby ensuring the formation of a balanced and integrated personality.

The various activities that are conducted as Inter House competitions are:

1. Quiz competitions in Literature, Science, Social, Mathematics, Sports & General

2. Essay Writing

3. Extempore Speeches

4. Elocution / Oratorical

5. Music-Vocal & Instrumental

7. Dance

8. Drawing & Painting

9. Story Telling and Recitation

10. Fancy Dress

11. Work Experience
12. Science & Arts
13. Career Counselling
14. Cooking & Flower Arrangement
15. Sales Appeal
16. Clay Modelling

These activities are conducted through the following clubs which monitor the activities:
1. English Literary Club

2. Language Club

3. Mathematics Club

4. Science Club

5. Social Science Club

6. Commerce Club

7. Computer Science Club

8. Fine Arts Club

9. Sports Club

10. Scripture Club